Eventually soulmates meet, for they have the same hiding place.

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Why did I randomly remember the times back in high school when you would get so offended when someone called you Asian?! Lmfao your response was always, "I'm not Asian. I'm Pacific Islander!"

LOL… I wasn’t actually offended! Goshhhhhh.

…But then again, we used to be pretty ridiculous back in high school. lol.


"Fall In Love"

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It is suspected that widened pupils have a correlation to powerful emotions; And I’ve never seen eyes so big and so captivating. It was the perfect splash of light-brown, intertwined with a tinge of green; eyes so breathtakingly beautiful.

Completely enamored with the beauty that sat in front of me, I was unable to speak. All I could do was look at her. Look at her and fully admire the very being who stands before my eyes. I intricately trace my eyes along the fine details of her hair, the creases her smile makes on her face, her soft delicate skin, the way her eyebrows rise and fall with every word she uttered, how the natural light emphasizes her beauty… and though I stray, I always find myself constantly gazing and losing myself into her eyes.

—And there I saw her soul. There, I felt her soul. Her stripped-bare and vulnerable soul. Before she further said anymore, I already felt what she was about to formulate into words. Her eyes fell completely naked, and I knew exactly her emotions. Every time she perched her lips, or deeply exhaled in between words, or wrinkled her nose, or…. just the way her eyes looked at mine. I knew. She knew.

Her eyes were was big as the moon, with a smile as bright as the sun. And a heartbeat as thunderous as a storm, while her emotions poured out like rain. Never have I ever seen, felt, heard, and known something so… natural, so beautiful, so raw, so genuine, so… sure.

Never have I ever been so in love before.

The Main Ingredient

"Let Me Prove My Love To You"


"Let Me Prove My Love To You"

by The Main Ingredient

1975 Shame On The World


You know its her. You can’t even deny the way she puts your mind at ease and the way your heart is wrapped up in every syllable you see roll off those perfect lips. She’s the type you’ve been searching for. Those are the eyes and smile you’ve been selfishly craving for so long, but were far to breathtaking to shape into words.

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